Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Not to sure what to write about today, usually i have something to write about but i cant think of anything.

Im not feeling to well today, feel a bit ill in the stomach, so maybe that has taken my thoughts away.

Luckily today i didnt have to cook dinner as i have my 21 year old nephew who lives here and he likes to be feed, last night i cooked some chicken legs luckily it was 2 kilos of them.

How i did them was i coated them in seasoned flour and just put them in the oven to bake, then i made some mashed potato and when the chicken was cooked made gravy in the pan i baked the chicken in, it all worked out pretty well. Today i bought some lebanese bread to make the food go further. Chicken, lebanese bread and garlic paste go really well together.

Picking up on what my neighbours eat, (they are Lebanese) they often suggest i come over to eat with them. About the only thing i would never make is the Wrapped Vine Leaves, they sit there with a mixture of mince and uncooked rice and wrap it up in vines leaves about the size of a cigarette, then she gets some lamb type bones with a bit of meat on them put the lamb in the bottom of a pot and adds the vines leaves on top to cook overnight.

I do make their Stuffed Zuchini though, you hollow out the Zuchini, and fill them 3/4 the way up with a mixture of uncooked rice and mince, you then add the Zuchini to a big cooking pot with some Goat Yoghurt place the lid on top and cook for a few hours. You need to use the Goat Yoghurt as you can cook with it. You serve the Zuchini with some of the yoghurt it has been cooking in, with Goat Yoghurt you need to thicken it (to thicken the yoghurt you add cornflour)