Saturday, August 16, 2008

Exquisite Corpse, Poem

Through Social Spark i did Exquisite Corpse , the idea is that J Scott every fortnight will come up with a theme and the rule to follow. Such as the theme could be flowers and the rule is write a line in this format noun, adjective,verb.

Its great fun, makes me have to think and use parts of my brain i haven't used for awhile, i had forgotten what an adjective was lol

This fortnights one ending August 14, 2008 the theme was Night --the line rule was
5 Word line including 2 adjectives.

This is the poem that J Scott came up with from people who submitted a line

Midnight Shadows
Stars apparent shining dark skies
cloaked secrets in midnight blue
mysterious shadows like venomous illusions
thick shadows folding lucid dreams
million cricket chirps, stillborn stars
the serenely silent sanctuary beckons
Succulent kisses, mysterious smudged eyes.
tangled hair entwines enfolding arms
sleepy abyss of confounding dreams
silent, unwieldy, deep shadows night
distraught nightmares child snuggly daddy
dark world disappears peaceful rest
If you follow the links in the poem you can see who submitted each line