Monday, August 25, 2008

Sydney Australia

I live in Sydney Australia which was formed after convicts where put ashore here in 1788, they put tents to live in around the harbour, which is now called The Rocks, it is a historical turned shopping area,

On the opposite side Captain Arthur Philip put his tent up which is close to where The Sydney Opera House is now,

Sydney is an area filled with great history:
  • The Cadmans Cottage which was built in 1816 as barracks for the crew of the governor's boats.
  • Fort Denison built around 1855, built to protect Sydney during the Crimean War.
  • The Queen Victoria Building (known as the Q.V.B) which was built in 1898 as an area to buy food supplies, in the building is a Wishing Well with a statue of Queen Victoria that was given to Sydney from The people of Ireland when the Queen Victoria Building was re-furbished in 1985. Q.V.B is now a shopping area with office's on the top floors
  • Hyde Park Barracks built in 1819 which in the early days held convict workers.
  • Sydney Observatory built in 1858
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge completed in 1932
  • Sydney Opera House, based on the competition winning entry by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, The project was built in three stages. Stage I (1959–1963). Stage II (1963–1967) Stage III (1967–73).

Also in Sydney you can find Star City Casino, Chinatown, Darling Harbour with The Chinese Garden of Friendship, a Shopping and International Food Court also The IMAX Theatre which shows films on a giant screen more than eight stories high.

We also have two areas one famed for the street life and thriving cafe culture called Kings Cross also Darlinghurst, which holds The Gay and Lesbian Mardi-Gras Parade held every year along Oxford Street during February or March.

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