Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Different cars ive had

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she was saying how she wishes she could buy a new car one day, and how she loves the car that i have now a 2003 5 door Holden Barina

It got me to thinking of the different cars i have had over the years

I didnt get my licence till i was 23 years old, i tried to get my licence when i was around 19 years old but failed it, it would have been useless for me to get my licence anyhow as i didnt have the money to buy a car

The first car i bought was a 72 TC Ford Cortina, it was 6 cyclinder car and went pretty fast, as the car was old it didnt have many addons so was mainly a tin car, but i loved my first car, i could drive fast in it and it was comfy to drive.

After i had worked for awhile i decided to go buy another car, at the time i had a boyfriend who i thought knew about cars, little was i to know he knew nothing and i ended up buying a 85 VK Holden Commodore, the car had problems with it mainly from the start, it had never had any work done on it and i didnt want to keep the car anymore so a friend made a deal with some other people who bought the car from me for less than it was worth, plus the car she was driving (i told them i was selling the car cheap cause of the problems and the womens husband was able to work on it)

The car i got a 75 TD Ford Cortina, this car i loved as well, but it got stolen, so i went through a few months without a car to get myself out of debt and to be able to buy my next car

My next car a 79 VB Holden Commodore, this was a favourite of mine, it went fast and sounded good plus i hardly ever had problems with it, having to just give it a service twice a year, one day while driving an idiot hit my car opening the front of the car like a tin can, a few weeks after that the gear box died (automatic). After ringing the Insurance Company we decided to make the car a right off, meaning it wasent worth fixing the car and that i got money instead

Which then leads to my 92 Nissan Pulsar Vector, by this time the cost of petrol was getting high so i went to driving a 4 cyclinder car, it was a pretty good car, the first car i had with electric windows which cost loads of money to fix grrr

In 2002, my mother passed away wanting to buy something that i think my mother would approve of i ended up buying a new car so that i would have a car for quite a long time and not have to worry about buying a car again for a few years

The car i bought is a 03 Holden Barina, this has all the mod-cons like electric windows, mp3 player and all that, like sure it is a nice car and all, but to me its a girly car and it is quite boring.

I still remember hot days of hooning around in my 6 cylinder cars, in this car i cant, but i suppose it is time to grow up


Sandra said...

Lady, you got your current car a few years ago, and you're still trying to convince yourself you'd "grow up" to suit the boring car?! :P

I bet as soon as you have a reason to you'd be back to them exciting cars in a flash!

charlbert said...

you're lucky coz you've got one!