Friday, April 3, 2009

Something i wrote

I wrote this the other night and thought some might like to read it

a little white chick
went walking one day
his feet moving forward
taking step by step
whistling along his way
one day he saw a path
all white shiny and new
he wasent sure where the path went
or what he was to do
he placed one foot down
felt light shine through his body
not sure what was happening
he jumped back in fright
shook his head sideways and felt alright
the road sparkled softly
trying to show all was right
that the little chick could walk here
enjoy and dance if he might
with this knowledge little chick moved slowly testing at first
with every step he took he felt he would burst
from the joy moving up his body
and making him grin for all his worth
this little white road you see
was goodness and joy all built into one
if you ever see a shiny white path
walk along it and see
maybe how the little chick felt will wrap you up in its glee


Arameya said...

That was such a sweet little poem... The mental imagery was just so cute!