Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doggy went today

I was woken by a call at 9am, the RSPCA had rung to say they where picking up the neighbours dog called Milo, i rang the owner who wasent home, the RSPCA getting there before the owner, i kept the RSPCA person talking to try to make her forget the time she said she could stay, luckily the owner turned up.

Owner has filled in the forms and the dog was taken, poor thing she had to be put in a cage which she didnt like one bit, i was talking to her telling her she was ok, the RSPCA person picked her up gently and placed her in, once she was in she seemed ok as she was smelling the cage, probably could smell the other other dogs that had been in the cage previously, she is gone now, and hopefully someone nice will get her as she is a lovely dog who loves children.

They have said that the dog will be kept at the centre till they can try to find a home for her, bye bye Milo i hope you have a happy life....



Arameya said...

Odd, I thought I commented on the previous dog entry.

I hope Milo gets into a good home too.. such an asshole of a neighbour!

A Kelpie, isn't she?

Ashrt said...

She is Rotweiler cross German Shepard