Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Neighbours Dog

The people who live next door to me have a dog, it once belonged to the boyfriend of the daughter that lived there, the boyfriend and daughter have broken up, the daughter moving out of the house and leaving the dog there, they also have a cat.

The dog never gets any attention from the lady who lives there and rarely gets feed, i feel really sorry for the dog and often buy it food and give it some attention.

The lady living there said that she wanted to get rid of the dog, but as the dog is micro chipped in the boyfriends name, she cant do that.

So i rang the RSPCA to explain the situation and they where going to come and pick the dog up yesterday, she was surrendering the dog

The dog didn't go as the women who lives next door is not home, she has left the cat and dog to fare for themselves it seems for 3 days so far.

I should say the lady has epileptic fits and her memory is bad from having them, but the daughter lives about 10 mins away and wont come look after the animals either.

I am waiting for the women to come home so i can get the daughters phone number, then i get to ring the RSPCA up again and hope that either the mother or the daughter will be home for the dog to be taken, which wont happen till next Tuesday.

We where told that if the dog cant be re-housed it would get put down, as the women has said and what i think, if the dog cant get re-housed and gets put down that's fine as then the dog is not suffering next door.