Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I had a question how did the bunny rabbit become a symbol of Easter?

So i went in search for an answer and this is what i found:

Rabbits and eggs are both symbols of the fertility goddess Eostre/Ishtar/Ostara. Her symbol is also the moon, in which some cultures see a rabbit instead of a face.

Eggs also symbolize the moon and are the ultimate symbol of creation and new life. The basket is a symbol of the womb in which this new life is carried.

The feast day is pagan and was widely celebrated way before the time of Jesus. Like pretty much all holidays, it was adopted by Christians to help get more converts. However, since the point is to celebrate new life and the hope of continuance, Christian symbols of a Resurrection day and the old pagan symbols mean the same thing.

Just like Christmas, we are all celebrating the same thing, just using different symbols.

If anyone else was wondering, now we have an answer.....