Thursday, April 9, 2009

Man Impales himself

While searching the net i found this about a man in London who tried to break into the East London Museum.

There are some pictures of course and some are a little disturbing

They say that crime dosent pay, Karma had got at him, do bad and you be punished and it seems to have happened instantly to this guy

The story here is that a thief tried to break into the East London Museum. As he moved about trees and attempted to burgle the museum, the thief set off the museum’s alarm system.

Spooked, the robber tried to make his get-away by shimmying down the tree, he lost his footing in his panic and fell, rectum first, into a waiting spike.

The thief of course was by now screaming out in pain and looking for help. A man passing by finally answered the thief’s poor, poor cries. After the police arrived they saw the man needed some help getting down.

It took the firemen, who arrived after police, actually bending and finally cutting the steel spike so the man could have it removed from his rectum. I think it goes without saying that this guy suffered just a smidgen of intestinal damage. He still faces charges for attempted robbery, and will spend long nights in jail.

You shouldnt do bad, as you see, life has a way of getting you back