Friday, December 11, 2009

Chatting with old friends

I caught up with someone last night on facebook who havent spoken to for a long time (around 20 years), chatting with made me feel like i had just seen him last week.

Sure he looks different but it is still the same him, dont you find it weird when things like that happen.

It feels like another lifetime ago.

I dont do the things i used to do 20 years ago and when he was around, like going out to nightclubs and coming home at 5am and seeing things i had never seen before like 2 guys kissing, guys dressed as women, loads of guys in little lyrca shorts that hid nothing (if you get my drift) and the first gay porno that was showing in a club i went too (i dont want to watch another one of them ewwie)...

Im glad i did things that i did when i was younger as the memories of them are so great...