Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Portable Loo for Women

Ladies have you ever been out somewhere and really needed to go to the toilet, but there is none in sight, for men its easy they can just pull to the side of the road and relieve themselves there, women can do that im sure but they need to find some woods or something to feel comfortable.

Well it seems that a German women inventor Eva Tinter have invented a portable toilet for women..

It says that it can absorb up to 475ml of lady pee (pee is pee isint it, wonder why they wrote lady pee)...anyhow if the female really needs to go alot the bag can contain up to a litre...

How it seems to work is that they have put absorbent polymers that turns the urine into a gel into the bag.(maybe its like that stuff they use to add moisture to the ground)

Also it says that the gel prevents unpleasant smells and the bag can be disposed of in rubbish bins, and its not harmful to the environment.

The inventor said "It can be used in cars or to avoid dirty toilets or at open-air festivals when you don't want to queue,”

The Ladybag comes in packs of three for about AUS$20.

It seems that it has a wide opening and can be used squatting, sitting or standing and it's tiny enough to fit in a purse.

Would you use it as im not sure i would, but then if i got caught somewhere and was really busting to go i might use it....