Saturday, December 12, 2009

Old Manager

Where i work the old manager left about 6 months ago, since then we have had an acting manager (for the first time a male, the acting manager is good eye candy though)

Anyhow the old manager sent an email saying she was going to travel from where she lives, down to where we are (around 2 hours travel time)

It was so cool to catch up with her again, talk about what she has been up to and us saying how we want her to come back as the place has gone a little sterile, it used to be fun and had loads of people who we would help daily, but now we dont do that as much.

It was a good time for her to come down as well, as the walls in the area are all getting painted, one wall has a heart and tendrils coming from it, another is an aboriginal painting (a rainbow serpent), some are aerosol paintings, (spray cans) and some are the old painting by hand, some of the children and teenagers in the area have been helping to paint as well

Ive been taking photos of all the different paintings as they have been going along, once they are all finished i will try to add some of the pics on here.

It looks so cool though, the brick walls are getting life. Its good with all the different types of paintings and different cultures as it shows the many cultures we have in the area...