Saturday, December 5, 2009

Local Event

I had to go to a local event today to take some photos and help out when needed. The event is for the local community and is held every few months.

Basically what its for is to see what people in the area think the area needs to have, like better transport, childrens activties, and better lighting.
They get a free barbecue, drink, face painting for the children there are stalls from locals selling their goods.
The event this time was held near a local charity called Inspire, which has a clothes shop, computers for teens and adults to use and things like that

This is the first time that they have ever seem to run out of food and drinks, so people wouldnt go thirsty Inspire decided to sell drinks.
I asked for a bottle of water and got the weirdest looking water bottle i have ever seen, when i got it i asked a few times is it really water, and i got told yeah it was.

What the water is called is Liquid Salvation, one person saw me with it and asked where i got it from as she had seen the water in her local bottle shop.

It looks like a flask, thinking about it, it would be a great shape for when your out partying as it would fit into your pocket easily, and no im not trying to sell the water, i just thought the bottle looked weird.