Friday, December 4, 2009

Thai Introduction Agencies Documentary

Usually every week on TV there is this Documentary on that was done by Louis Theroux, he does them for BBC TV, some are really interesting as he looks into Born Again Christians in America or U.F.O. Hunters and many others, it seems these where made back in 1996, the series called Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends

This weeks show was about Thai Introduction Agencies.

First you meet Ronnie Conrad of Anglo-Thai Introductions, he is a match maker for Western
men who come to Thailand and want a Thai wife, he talks about how he meet his wife.
Ronnie is soon to have a Mrs Conrad number 4, she is Khum Mam, 21, Mam,'s mother had brought her into Ronnie's offices just a few days previously, he claims that he "fell in love on the spot" but admits it took Mam "a few hours" to fall in love with him.
Mam and Ronnie had gone into his office and got close and warm, while her mother waited outside.

As Louis was walking along the street with Ronnie who was trying to drum up more business as he needed more men Louis started reading the brochure,he found it said that "with Thai women, there is no such thing as having a headache", when Louis asked Ronnie what that meant, Ronnie said back that women are brought up in Thailand to look after the man and that the women goes along with what the man says (so im guessing if a man says sex now, she has to have sex with him)

You tube of Louis with Ronnie

Next we meet Lawrence "Dream Weaver" Lynch of Thai Professional Introduction and we meet a client called Lake Palmer who is 56, he is a perpetual loser-in-love from Great Yarmouth who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder

When Louis first meets Lake, Louis asks him why he chooses Thai women, he says he is 56 very much alone and life is passing him by, if he could find someone to love and take care of and they love him in return he would be happy, we find out later that Lake has been married twice

When he arrives at Lawrence's office, Lawrence talks to him about how to treat a Thai women how Thai women dont like to be touched unless they know the person very well

Lake is introduced to a women and straight away he acts like his hasent been near a women for awhile and is not to sure what to ask, he does ask if he can hold her hand and she says no, (later he is holding her hand as they walk to a restaurant) he tells the women he meets that he is free of outstanding loans, he dosent own his house but he has a long rental agreement.
He does comes across as pretty scary to me, he stands over the women and if it was me i would want to run away, i feel sad for him.

Youtube of Lake talking to Lawrence

At the end of the show and two days after Lake's disastrous first date, a euphoric Lake has met and married Panom Yeesoon nicknamed Jad in a Buddhist ceremony, Lake seems really happy and cant believe he has married, as he says "if you see a bargain do you let it get away, someone else might buy it" it was chemistry and meeting of minds.

Lake Palmer appeared on a english chat show in May 2001 and revealed that his marriage was over. Lawrence Lynch's introduction service had cost him £10,000. Palmer claimed that he had been ripped off and was now deeply in debt.

Jad had strung him along for eight months before dumping him for another rich European man, leaving him £12,000 in debt. Ringing her constantly he had a telephone bill of £1800 and sent her £1500 and lavish gifts. Jad was refused a visa as it turned out she was still legally married to another Englishman. Ever hopeful, Lake continued to correspond and send money until April 2001, when she told him in a telephone call she had met a Belgian man and didn't want to know him any more.
Lake suffered a nervous breakdown.

Lawrence "Dream Weaver" Lynch now runs his Thai Professional Introduction Service from a violin shop in Kidderminster.

Ronnie Conrad's marriage to Mam lasted just eight days.


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