Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not having a good nights sleep

It seems that last night i wasent meant to get a good nights sleep at all.

I first woke up around 2 hours after i went to bed from a really weird dream, i cant remember exactly what it was, but it was like this big ball of air was coming out of me and the air was evil .........
i am one of those people that seems to have weird scary dreams , i couldnt go to sleep for about 20 mins, i just walked around and then read a little...........hopefully when i go to bed later i will have pleasant dreams

Later on i woke up with a cramp in my left leg, i could feel it happening but i didnt want to get out of bed and i was trying to stay asleep but i had no luck...i had to get out of bed again, i was walking around for about 3-5 mins before all the cramping sensation went away.....

It made me think of a friend of mine who has epilepsy, it has affected his legs with when he is walking around looking like he is drunk as the muscles in his legs are going, he told me that he often gets cramps in his legs.........i one time gave his legs a massage and as soon as i had finished doing it he got a cramp in his legs

its bad enough getting cramps now and then but to get them all the time ewww no thankyou..