Friday, July 18, 2008

Doggie Ice Cream

I remember when i was younger i would love to give my dog ice cream that we ate, till my older brother told me that i shouldn't be giving my dog this ice cream, i never understood why. Seems that animals are Lactose Intolerant

Well it seems you can now buy Doggie Ice Cream, there is a company called Cold Nose Creamery and you can buy Ice Cream for your dog, i think its a great idea....

On really hot days im sure you would want to be able to help them cool down someway, well with this icecream you can and dogs love eating something different now and then, imagine the look in their eyes when you get this ice cream out of the freezer for them, they would be jumping around so excited knowing its just for them.

You can get this Ice Cream in flavours like Puppernutter, Pupper 'nilla, Pup o' Latte and Puppermint.

All the Ice Creams that Cold Nose Creamery are made with premium blend of lactose-free milk and soy milk.

So why not go to their website and order your dog some today Cold Nose Creamery