Saturday, July 19, 2008

If you where The President

Imagine you where the President of your country, what do you think you would change??

I would go first for the people that have loads of money, i would make it that any money that belonged to the immediate family would be counted as if the money belonged to them...

You see many rich people who are running a business, the business goes bankrupt and the next minute any money that once belonged to them is now given to the children or their spouse, meaning that they get away with having to pay money back.

The next think would be very rich people would have a percentage would be taken from their money each year and given to help Health Care and Schools.

Next i would look at different ways to make the export in my country higher.

Then look at what it costs per week for a person and family to live, making sure each person gets enough for food, petrol and entertainment

One thing i would try to do is make it that every person in my government for one month lives on the minimum amount of money that is needed, within that time they would have to work a normal 9-5 job without any perks, , find accommodation for themselves so they can see what it is like to have to pay rent, and live day to day like others do. They would have to do this at least once every 2 years to keep them grounded.

What would you do???