Thursday, July 17, 2008

An earlist childhood memory

Do you ever sit or talk to people about your first childhood memory?

Well Perky from The 6 Senses of the Insane asked that question.....

One of my earlist childhood memories is standing in my front yard looking at my next door neighbours place. I think i was around 3-4 years old..
My father used to in the army and we lived in an area that had loads of familes who had someone in the army, there used to be a little boy who i used to play games with, one day he was no longer there and i used to stand at the fence between the yards looking at his house wondering when he was going to come out to play, one day i asked my mum where this boy was, my mum then told me that the family had moved, i was really sad as i had lost my play friend and we used to have loads of fun together.

When my mother passed away i was going through everything and found some letters that my parents used to write to each other while my dad was away in Vietnam war, they are quite amusing
It was like walking back in time reading some of the things i got up too, i , like getting a broom and cleaning the house for my mum (im sure i made more mess though), my mum asking me who's girl i was, after saying everyone in the family me saying i was daddy girls.
I love reading these letters now and then and have placed them in a folder so they are no longer folded over, hopefully they will be ok in years to come.


Perky said...

Great post! :) Yeah, I too find it hard when my childhood friend moved away.

Thanks for taking up my Spark. I've posted a link to your post on my blog here:


Lizzy said...

Ahh friends.. some come and go, some cling to your dear life like a leech. :D

Wow! I like reading and keeping letters. It's a nice way to get to know your parents more through their letters.. ahh love life!♥