Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting IT Training

These days to get a job anywhere it is a good idea to have some IT training. Most jobs you will go for will ask how much IT training you may have had and the more you have the more impressed they seem to be with you.

I do a volunteer job where i doing basic computer work, publish a newsletter, and use photoshop.
Every time i go in I'm surprised how many people are not sure how to use a computer, from the simplest thing like using a mouse to typing a letter.

Ive shown people how to make a email account, how to go into a website (mainly job sites) so they can see what jobs are available, and how to apply for any of the jobs that may be on the site.

I have found doing the computer course i have done, i have much more confidence in everyday life, showing when i go for a job interview that i find education and keeping my education up to date important.

A few years ago i went to a college for an IT Course, during this time i couldn't do my voluntary work. While looking online for the same course i found many schools that have subjects i can do, but the IT certificate you get after having done the course means nothing. With Cisco which has a reputable image, you can do the IT Course online and know your certificate will open up some doors.

With Cisco certification you can start with a basic course in security (Network Security Specialist, Security Administrator and Network Security Support Engineer) the next level of security will allow you to manage and create end-to-end secure networks, then a more specialised course with security.

When you are doing the course you never have to worry you are alone, there is a Discussion Area that you can talk to others who are doing the course, and Cisco representatives.

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