Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some Poems

These are some more Poems i have written, i thought i had lost them, but found the paper i had written them on, so im adding them here in case i loose the paper again

My heart grows heavy
with the sound of beating
your hair brushed forward
just right, hiding not revelling
your scream but just whispers
your sight disappearing
darkness welcomes you
cuddling and appeasing

I wrote this poem after i saw my neighbour getting abused by her then boyfriend, all was settled after the police came
Deep inside the brown earth growth
a light shining brightly for all its worth
mud splatters and covers
trying to hide the shine
but the light grows stronger
biding its time
knowing that one day
the earth will move
and the light will shine freely
for me and for you
This was written during a bad night of sleeping