Friday, July 25, 2008

Social Spark

I have joined a group that allows me to make money while i blog, and get to know people from around the world while reading their blogs. Its a bit like face to face networking but over the computer

The place its called Social Spark.

My name on there is Ausn, add me as a friend or ask me a question if your unsure what to do

What you do is you search the offers that are available there are Sponsored Posts (pay a certain amount to write about them), Blog Sponsorships (an amount of money per day) and Sparks (no money,but free advertising)

There are two different types of accounts you can make either an Advertiser or a Blogger.

As an advertiser, you can ask people to write about your blog or even have a link added, where else can you get advertising for free.

A Blogger, write what you know about, get to know people and have fun

So why not go have a look today and see what Social Spark can do for you