Saturday, July 26, 2008

Epic Flying Mount

I have 2 characters that i play in a game called World of Warcraft all 70 (the maximum level you can get too).
One of my characters a Mage i call Tinyhaed, had quite alot of money sitting on it 8.000 gold.

My newest character a Paladin called Boras didnt have an Epic Flying Mount, and to buy one they cost 5.200, so last night after flying on my normal flying mount i couldnt handle it anymore, they are so damn slow.

So now Boras has an Epic Flying Mount as well, so much easier to get to places now, is sooo much fun


reanaclaire said... yr blog from Social Sparks.. add u under my bloggers' sharing as poeticjustice...hope u link mine too, thanks.. btw, i love to write poetry too.. :)