Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Been Playing WoW

I havent writen on here for a few days now for a few reasons
  1. Ive been busy visiting friends
  2. Doing things around the house
  3. Couldnt think of anything to write about
  4. Been playing WoW

In WoW they brought out Wrath of The Lich King, which meant you could get to level 80, so alot of my spare time has been playing WoW, to the point of that i now have a sore hand, wrist and elbow (i suffer from RSI).

Last night i got my first character to level 80 Tinyhaed, only 3 more characters to go, but now i can rest a little bit cause i have my first level 80. I just need to find my thermoskin glove, maybe if i call it, it will show itself can only help........ here thermoskin , here thermoskin, come out come out where ever you are........................

Edit: I found my Thermoskin Glove around 10 mins after i wrote this