Saturday, December 20, 2008

People selling at your door

I'm going have a rant here as i am starting to get sick of a certain electricity (starts with O and ends with N) company sending people around to knock on my door trying to get me to change my electricity company.

First they stand at the door and tell you that you can get a discount and am i getting one at the moment, (its none of their business if i am getting a discount).

Next you politely say to them no thankyou im not interested and they don't move, they stand there continue going on about their wonderful electricity company.
Usually it is men that are walking around trying to sell you these things, and they stand at my door and are trying to pressure sell me their stupid electricity, the person making me feel as if what i am doing is wrong and they are better then me. Half the time i cant understand a word they are saying and a few times they seem to have not understood what i have said as well.

A few years ago a different electricity company came around asking people if they wanted to change, offering them this wonderful service, saying how it is green energy and you are saving the environment, (I had a man at my door from this company telling me i didn't care about the environment as i wouldn't sign with them trying to pressure me into signing).
Two of my friends joined this company, they had loads of problems with them, the company not sending out bills and being spoken to rudely when they rang to ask where the bills where, my friends got out of the contract but they had to pay them around $100 to move back to their old service.

The thing though is that these companies trying to sell me "better electricity" are just taking my name and sending out the bill, but you still using the same electricity as you where before and the older main companies are using or looking into green energy as this website shows Integral Energy