Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Day

Today i woke up around 1.30pm, yes i know it is late, but then i did go to sleep around 5.30am, staying up late at night playing World of Warcraft..

My sister came over today who i haven't seen for around a year, my family is strange we love each other and stuff and i know they would be there for me if something happened, but we don't really speak to each other or see each other.

I gave my sister her Christmas present which was some Rosary Beads and a wooden vase (my sister is religious), from her i got some instant lotteries (won $2) and an address book...

Its a little warm here today more humid than anything and right now the wind is blowing really hard making one of the doors in my house keep opening and closing.

I'm just trying to work out what to do for the rest of the day, do i play World of Warcraft or do i do some craft, my head wants me to play World of Warcraft though so i might do that and do the craft later on
My neighbours dog got out as i was writing this so i ran out in the rain to get the dog to go back into her backyard, the dog was nervous for some reason and didnt want to move, i ended up dragging the dog towards the backyard and all is now good.