Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I often make things, but never add any pictures of what i make on the internet, I suppose because i am worried people wont like them.

Using Entrecard i often see all these things people make, and often a person wont accept my add as my Blog has nothing to do with what their Blog is about.

So i will be rectifying that i will start to add some pictures and descriptions of the craft items i make.

The sort of things i can do are Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Long Stitch, Jewelery making (earrings, bracelets), making key rings, knitting. I bought some material the other day and seeing how they will look like when i make them into little bags, but some of the stuff i have been doing Lately is pretty boring i have been making curtains for my house.

Most of the things i make i have learnt to do myself, i like the challenge of making things from stuff i see lying around, some scraps of wool i had left i made little dolls for people, they are supposed to represent how i see them, i cant of course add any pictures of those as i gave them to the people after i made them.

The first few pictures will probably be some of the Cross Stitch i have hanging around at my house.