Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree

Yesterday my Christmas Tree went up, but i never have to do it myself

What happens is i have neighbours who don't celebrate Christmas and of course children seem to love putting trees up and decorating them, so my neighbours 11 year of daughter comes over and puts it up for me.

She seems to have so much fun putting the tree together and adding the tinsel and decorations

This year she had a friend staying with her (the friend being about 10) so the friend came over as well to help.

So now my Christmas Tree is sitting in my loungeroom all decorated and i didn't really need to lift a finger, and i got to see joy and happiness on 2 little girls faces who don't usually get the chance to do these things

Earlier this month the mother came over with decorations for my house, they are now sitting on my front door and in my house.

With my neighbours not being able to decorate their house, my house is decorated by them and i dont really need do anything except watch and enjoy.