Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weird Dreams

Does anyone else have weird dreams...the one i had last night made no sense at all and to me it seemed a little disturbing

I dreamt i was holidays in another state of Australia and then this other person who i havent seen for over 10 years and dont ever really want to see again in my life is somehow on holiday with me, on the day he turns up i need to be leaving and want to go back to my hotel to make sure i have packed everything.
On the way back this person who says is my brother is with me (mind you i dont get on with my brother) and he is on my back.

We are walking back to The Hotel through what looks like a big car park to get my bag and my brother is telling me that he wants to get rid of my old friend and not go back with him, that we should sit next to each other on the plane home.

These 2 guys jump out of nowhere, and tell me they are looking for a guy for the night for sex, i tell this one guy that the man on my back is my brother and we are on our way back to Sydney, so the guy says thats ok we best let you go that your busy, i say goodbye to the guy and continue to walk

I am worried about this friend (who i dont like) my brother telling me to keep moving that we need to move, or we will miss the plane home.

I turn around and these guys ask my old friend if they want to go with him for the night, my friend dosent like gay people and said something nasty back to them and when i turn around the two men are bashing him like i saw my nephew get bashed last year, i feel bad that i am leaving him and want to go help him and then i woke up.