Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trying to change appointment

Grr the government can be really annoying.

On Thursday last week i recieved a letter saying i had an appointment for today, the problem was i couldnt make it today so i had to get the time and date changed.

On Friday i rang and got some young guy who didnt know how to change it or the number of the people i needed to speak too, said to me with a giggle in his voice ring back Monday.

Monday i ring back - i am given a different number to ring, i ring to be told they need to speak to another person, they couldnt get this person and would ring me back~~~didnt recieve call back.

Tuesday i ring again twice - first time, i will call you back when i get this person, 5 minuties later i recieve a call, sorry we cant get this person, i will keep trying and will ring you back.
.............................................. second time, sorry cant get the person you need to talk too, will call you back

Within this time mind you, i recieved a call from some other person reminding me that i had an appointment saying they had been trying to ring me and this was the fifth time, (first time i got it, no other calls on mobile)

Told this person i need to change appointment,

response was "oh you cant do that"

me - ive been told i can,

other person - oh you've been told that, i will transfer you through to another person,

Transfered to someone else, after a few minutes, sorry i cant get through to the person you need, i cant change it.

Today i wake up, says 4 missed calls, they had been trying to ring me, i got through to the person who i have been talking to since Monday and yes appointment was changed.

But grr, all that work i had to do just to change an appointment.