Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time going so quickly

Why is it that when you have alot of things to do time goes by really quickly and people turn up.

Where i work the manager is leaving and she has asked if a scrap book can be made for her of people who work where i work as well as the events that we have.
I am the one who takes photos when an event is on and i place these photos onto Flickr , i had been getting lazy with adding the photos to Flickr and decided yesterday i would take the photos off my camera, make them all pretty looking, and add these photos to Flickr as well as get some more photos i have for the scrapbook for the manager and print them out.

The thing is that i do the photos on my laptop and then add them to the desktop, so it takes a bit of time to do them as im sure other would know who add pics to Flickr.

I had the photos finally onto my USB stick and was about to go to the desktop and one of my nephews "S" turns up.

Its 10.30pm he walks in, S "can i use your computer, i will only be 30 mins"

Me yeah sure, but i need to do something ok
I sit in the loungeroom watching the end of the movie, its now 11.20pm

Me walks to the computer room, "um 30 mins is up, i need to do something"

S, shows me his watch, i will be 15 more mins

Me, 20 mins later, i really need to do something on the computer

S, i will only be a few more mins, i just need to do this

Me, 25 mins later, ok a few mins is up I Need To Use The Computer

S, Oh ok if you have too, but you can leave the iphone plugged in

Me, i need the usb slot

S, but i need phone charged

I end up doing something else completely, and did today what i needed to do today.

So why is it that the days i have nothing i really have to do, no-one turns up, nothing exciting really happens, but the day i decide to do something people turn up??