Friday, August 14, 2009


I went shopping today doing the usual grocery shopping, i saw this guy who had a trolley of food and he seemed to be looking at everyone which i thought was really strange, but i thought ehh ok some people are like that.

I had lined up at the checkout the person putting my items through the scanner and the next minute i see the manager of the store and the guy escorting a lady back into the shops.

It seems this guy with the trolley is the security guard, and he is undercover.

What happened was a lady had gone into this supermarket i was in and she had walked out the store with a loaf of bread in her bag, the security guy had saw her, it seems that this lady is known in the shop and the manager was talking to her as the took her back in.

I think i heard that the manger say that she had the chance of the police to turn up or pay for the bread or something like that, she chose of course for the police to not turn up

Around 10 minutes later i saw her walking around as if nothing had happened, with me i would have been crapping myself.