Friday, August 28, 2009

Four reasons why Twilight is bad for your love life

I happened on this article called 4 Reasons Why Twlight Is Bad For Your Love Life

So i thought hmm lets see why they say that

1. Bella has no outside hobbies,
When she meets Edward all the friends she was making she dosent seem to want to know anymore, and of course she dosent get the chance to really know Jacob

2. The guys are totally unrealistic. as it says in this article
Mike Newton brings Bella “sandwiches and an array of sodas to choose from” (118). I know guys can be nice and all but unless a guy is the girls boyfriend ive not seen that happen in real life

3. Bella is brainwashed.
Edward could kill her and he dosent, do you know of any female who would stay around a guy even if she loved him loads when she found out that he was a vampire espically when Vampires like blood and Bella is forever falling over cutting herself.

4. Bella is a domestic diva.
When Bella moves in with her dad she starts to cook dinner for him every night, she does all the laundry and keeps the place tidy
Now how many female do you know who would move in with their dad and look after him like Bella is doing, i know i wouldnt be cooking each night for my dad and doing all the laundry.

So what do you think, is Twilight bad for your love life, or maybe the book has the female in outdated rolls