Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some things about me

I thought i would write some things i do some i consider silly some normal everyday stuff, im sure alot of people do stuff they consider silly but here are some of mine

  • I have locked myself inside the house --- one day it was really windy and the keys where in the door , my keyring has loads of other keyrings without keys, (i used to collect keyrings) somehow they got stuck and i couldnt get the door open from inside (the keyrings had managed to wedge themselves into the door and at the time locked the door) i rang a neighbour who couldnt push the door open as we found out it was locked, luckily i have a spare key in the house and was able to push that under the door and then i was able to go back outside...........anyone else done that??

  • I fall up stairs, not sure how i do this, but i rarely fall down a flight of stairs, i fall up them instead

  • I have really long hair now and instead of washing it when i wake up, i wash it at night time like 9pm and wait forever for it to dry.

  • I have a mark on my chest from when i had chicken pox, my mum told me that of course i scratched them and one got pretty infected and turned into a sore, it stayed there awhile and finally after a month or so it dropped off leaving this dent

  • A few years ago i shaved my hair down to a number 1 blade and when i did i found a scar on the back of my head, i didnt know i had one and when i asked my mum she told me that i fell over as a child and thats how i got it.........what is more weird is that i was going out with this guy and he had a scar on his head almost in the same spot.

  • I have a weird way of seeing things, people when they first meet me dont seem to understand me, so i tell them i am ecentric to make them feel better...there is a line from a tv add that says look outside the box, well thats me, i see humor in things that others dont see at all and often will be laughing and people wondering what im laughing about.

Im sure there are others things i do, but cant think of them right now and i dont wanna make this blog longer than it already is...



Arameya said...

Please, that blog is hardly ever long enough.

I wash my hair at night too.. and I always think to myself "I should really just do this in the morning so I don't get a headache*"... and I do it anyway.

And how creepy is that about the same-scar thing!? Okay, maybe creepy isn't the right word but you get the idea. I wonder if I'll find something similar on my head if I shave it... not that Pete has any scars on his head :>

By the way, are you on MSN?