Monday, November 2, 2009

Where I Live

Where i live you would find many different type of people, there are many nationalities that live here the top country of births in the last census where:

52.2% Australia
5.7% Viet Nam
4.0% Fiji
2.8% Lebanon
2.1% Iraq
1.4% Philippines

But today i found out that one man who lives around the area is as phedophile he looks about 50 years old, it seems that he had previously paid a younger boy to perform oral sex on him.

Today it seems that he walked up to this women who was holding a baby and started to harrass her and push at her (to me you dont touch anyone who is holding a child), she turned around and hit him breaking his glasses when he fell down.

This area has many children walking around an a shopping centre, the man had walked into the shopping centre with the children (who are around 10-15 yrs old) following him, then the children stood around him telling him to buy them stuff and not leaving him alone till he does, from what i saw he had bought them smokes and food.

After that i found out that he is known by the police and they are keeping an eye on him.

He is a creepy type of man and i always wondered why i felt strange when he was around me and now i know, but ewwww