Sunday, November 1, 2009

Neighbours Party

Went to my neighbours today it was her daughters birthday, she was 12, seems so strange watching them growing up...

Ive been here around 5 years now and i remember to go buy her a present it was just a doll or colouring in books, but now she is 12 i have to buy her more grown up things, what i bought for her was some stick on nails, glitter tattoo's, a lip gloss and some bendy pencils, i still wanted her to feel like a little girl a bit which is why the pencils, but i suppose the pencils are grown up as well....

After i left there i went to a community garden that i have and go sunburnt again, i seem to like being sunburnt lately lol

Now i have a cake in the oven a Banana Walnut cake, just waiting for it to be cooked, which reminds me i should go check it bye