Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bumping into an old friend

The other day i was in a shopping centre picking up a few things before i went home where this person stopped me looking at me asked strangely Tr i said yes and she goes OMG

The person was someone i used to work with and someone who i used to go out with every week to Oxford St in Sydney (before you ask im straight, i have gay male friends)

The last time i had seen T was around 15 years ago, it felt so strange standing there talking about what we used to do, about going to a Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and a Sleeze Ball, she started talking about one of the guys we used to go with A and how he now lives in London, i told her about the other guy G and how i had just started talking with this guy again.

When i got home i added her to my facebook page which i was then able to find the guy in London so we have started talking now, it seems strange, i have memories of the first time he told me he was gay as he dosent act gay.

My reaction was ehh so your gay who cares your still you, he stood up to give me a hug as im guessing he thought i wouldnt want to know him afterwards, i couldnt care less if he is gay or not it is just a sexual preference, not who he is. He was and im sure still is a very sweet nice guy who used to make sure i was protected when i was out with them

People were we worked used to ask me if he was gay or not, my answer was always that i didnt know, as to me he was still A, so what if he likes guys.

Looking at his picture on facebook, sure he has aged as im sure i have, but i still have the memory of this sweet young man who i used to go out and have fun with every week.

Now all i have to do is keep in contact with these people as i am really bad at that, if i dont see someone for awhile and dont talk to them that way i rarely ring, sms or email them.

Wow thinking about this brought back a memory, around the time i started going to Oxford Street was the time i bought my first mobile phone, a Nokia 100 Analogue from memory it cost me $495.00

On the left here is a picture of what a Nokia 100 looked like, wow it seems strange.

The phone on the right is the phone i have now a Sony Ericsson c510