Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love is forever they say

It seems a man in Vietnam loved his wife that much that after she died he didnt like to be seperated from her.

It seems his wife died in 2003,as he was so traumatised by the death he started to sleep on top of her grave, he did this for 20 months till he got sick of the cold so decided he would try to have his wife with him another way.

He decided to dig a tunnel so he could be by his wifes grave when he wanted too,his children noticed the tunnel and stopped him from using it.

What he did next sounds really weird, in 2004 he dug up his wifes corpse and took it home with him he then moulded a figure around the skeleton using clay and dressed the body up in women's clothing and make-up.

Every night he has his wife by his side as he slept

Mr Van was quoted as saying. "I'm a person that does things differently ... I'm not like normal people,"
Would you go this far for someone you loved, im not sure i would want to dig someone from a grave and have them in my house.
There are a few people who i wished hadnt died but life moves on and people die and you learn to live with it.
Imagine if no-one died, how many people there would be on this earth, but then you would find out some interesting things of what happened say in the 1800's, that i think would be fun to find out.