Monday, November 30, 2009

Ringing Nephew

I had to ring one of my nephews S, and usually he calls me T not my full name and i thought it funny he was using my full name.

It seems his girlfriend who is supposed to be hot and all that is jealous if another female rings him on his phone.

He asked me if i could tell her i am his aunt, so he moved the phone near her and i said im his aunt and he thanked me for it, but i couldnt hear her at all.

Seems strange to be jealous of every female that rings him, and why is my nephew with someone who gets this jealous, i hope he dosent end up staying with her as his life will be misserable.

One of my ex boyfriends girlfriend after me was very jealous, this one time a few months after he and i had broken up i receive an email from this women i didnt know asking me who i was as she had found an email i had written to him around 7 months previously and telling me how my ex boyfriend was a cheat.

1. he is my ex boyfriend
2. i have moved on with my life
3. HE IS MY EX BOYFRIEND, who cares if he cheats.