Friday, November 13, 2009

Waking Early

As i work at night time and sometimes dont get to sleep anywhere between 4 -6 am, i rarely wake up any earlier than 1pm.

A few months ago i had a clean up around my house and bagged alot of things that i thought i might be able to sell

This one place i do volunteer work for i usually turn up around 3pm and see what needs doing, but as i had my bags of things to sell i got there at 9am ( they have a market day every 2nd Thursday, people can go there to sell their items for free)

Needless to say everyone was shocked to see me there at that time, the manager in shock asking what i was doing there at that time (no-one seems to believe i can get there early)

Anyhow i did sell quite alot of my things ( i went there with 6 big garbage bags and ended up with 1) i ended up making close to $70 for waking up early for once and on things that i would have normally thrown away, pretty good hey