Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy with Newsletters

I want to write something today, but im busy i have 2 newsletters to get done, one is one i do every two months for the area i live in (a community newsletter)

The other a new newsletter i gotta make, im not to sure what to call it or anything, I am stuck between 2 ideas calling it either Our News, or Our Local News

It will be filled with local information, but will have things like poems that locals write, pictures of peoples animals, silly stories stuff like that. I dont really wanna do this new newsletter, but i am doing it once to get this person who keeps asking me to do it off my back

I do have one problem sorta fixed, the font that i wanna use, i want it to be flowery, like vines coming out of the letters, and ive been told i can make it look however i want um, but i dont know how i want it to look eeeek