Sunday, October 12, 2008

Neighbours son's party

Today i went to my neighbours place as it was her sons 5Th birthday, the son gets excited when he sees me and had to show me a toy truck he had got, i stood there listening to his fantasy how the truck was going to fly up in the sky and shoot things, i love when kids still have their imagination and love listening to him.

My neighbours are Lebanese and I'm Australian, they of course speak English around me, but when they have relatives over some of them don't speak English, so i spend most of the afternoon listening to them speaking Lebanese or i talk to their children which of course speak English. I have learnt a few words though like how to say no, i cant remember what yella means though, but the often say it, oh well doesn't matter

The kids had a jumping castle in the backyard, made me wish i was a child so i could go in and jump around in it, the kids where asking me to go into it, I'm grown up now and maybe if i was child size i would have gone in hehehehe

While gone i left 2 of my nephews in my house (19, 22) and of course when i come back the house has stuff everywhere.
Only 2 1/2 more weeks and my 22 year old nephew moves out hooray!!!!!!