Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lazy is me

I made a plan that i would try to write something on this blog every day this month, and well it has been getting pretty hard to do it with working and bringing work things home with me to do and of course playing World of Warcraft.

I am filling this in now while i can think of something to write about, i know i have been lazy by finding pictures or stories and just adding them to my website, but it all i had time for, as it is i should be doing something else right now, but i am doing this instead.

All silly things running around in my head, like i just noticed that one of my nails has a small crack in it, down in the quick, so i am going to have to either cut my nail or leave it as it is, if i cut it i will have a short nail again, if i leave it long will be in pain when it breaks, i think i will decide later what to do, i will probably cut it as i dont want the pain from it grrr

So there you go some ramblings that are in my head at the moment ciao