Monday, October 13, 2008

Worlds smallest horse

She may be small, a mere 17 inches and weighing only 60 pounds. But she is all horse.Born as a dwarf to a miniature horse, Thumbelina is officially the world’s smallest horse.
Thumbelina has been officially recognized as the world’s smallest horse.That title was conferred on her in 2006 when the five-year-old entered the Guinness Book of Records.
Normally these horses weight about 250lb and rise to a height of 34 inches when they are fully grown.

She weighed in at only 8lb – the size of a new-born baby - when she was born. Eventually she grew to just 60lb. Her size has been explained as dwarfism.

She likes to hang out with the cocker spaniels rather than the other horses on their 150-acre farm.

She lives on a cup of grain and a handful of hay, served twice a day.She is expected to live to the age of 17 years because of her size – normal horses live for about 35 years.