Thursday, October 9, 2008

What do you want to be when you grow up

I was talking to an online friend who lives in Romania and it came up about what did you wanna be as a child when you grew up?
Hers was that she wished to visit Australia, i live in Sydney Australia, and talk about a few things that are here. She did travel with her husband and live in America for around 2 years, but moved back to Romania around 2 months ago.

What i wanted to be when i grew up was to be a nurse or a princess, i think alot of females wanted to be a princess.

The reason i wanted to be a princess i imagined that i would walk around in really pretty fairytale dresses

Of course i didnt become a princess and i dont really wanna be one now, but isint it wonderful as a child the imagination you can have


Sandra said...

I liked reading - my favourite book was something to do with a car named Maurice who was abandoned, then became a home for wild animals, and then found and restored in a family's backyard, loved by the children.

So I wanted to be a writer, vaguely.

About age 9 or so I refined it to be a journalist. This is also the age of concrete operational stage (according to this guy called Piaget in Developmental science).

About 13 years old, I narrowed it down to being a foreign corresponder, "bringing news to home from dangerous places" was my exact quote.

but now, of course, my direction's changed a fair bit. But quite nice remembering my past dreams :>