Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Someone wanted me to wake early

I work at night so often go to bed early hours of the morning, this morning at 6am the first thing i hear is my nephews alarm going off, he cant get out of bed when it first rings, he rings over and over again, the alarm is his mobile phone so i wake thinking its the phone ringing till i remember its his phone.

I get back to sleep and get woken at 9am by someone who lives next door to me trying to hammer something, to me it sounded like they where hammering the wall.

I so hate getting out of bed or waking till at least midday, i think it was a conspiracy to wake me up today and make me feel tired all day. As it is i have a few hours of work to do from home before i can go to bed and i can feel my eyes so sleepy grrrrr
Only 9 more days and nephew leaves, counting down the days hehe