Monday, October 27, 2008


I changed my ISP company and i sorta now have it working, it disconnects every now and then, and i was told to look at the lights on the modem when it disconnects, if the DSL light keeps flashing then it means that the phone line has a problem but if the DSL line stays solid till the PPP light comes back on it means then that there is a problem with the modem.

For the past 30 mins i have been doing a few things on the internet catching up on a fair bit of stuff that i cant do or hate to do on my laptop which only has dial up, as my nephew went and bought me a prepaid dial up card. (dial up is so slow after broadband)

It seems that the internet company has sent me a faulty modem, as the DSL light stays solid most of the time, only flashing for the connection to come back. So it means i need to ring internet company again tomorrow and get them to send me another modem im guessing.

Oh the fun of changing companies

On a sad note last Thursday night a person who i knew was burnt to death in a caravan in her parents backyard, she will be sorely missed even though i didnt know her well she left a lasting impression on me
R.I.P Amanda