Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Aim and Pencils

This month i am going to try to write something on my blog every day. OK i have missed a few days at the front, but i am now organised and can get to the computer (nephew has been playing some game called Gunz. I have a laptop but he dosent like playing on that one as this computer is 21 inch screen and laptop is 15 inch hehee)

I have a list of things i can write about, only about 15 so far, but thats a start and i might find things day to day to write about so i should be able to do it easily.

Just have to hope that i dont use all my ideas for the future otherwise this blog is gonna get very boring.

In one of my previous blog messages (Ever Wonder) i wrote about how i wonder certain thing work and why they are as they are, i was thinking the other day how do they make pencils (1), and why are they made to that size?(2)

(1) A machine cuts eight grooves, half as deep as the graphite-clay rod is thick, into the slats, and then places rods in each groove.
Once the rods are in place, a second grooved slat is glued on top of the first.
When the glue dries, the slats are fed through a cutting machine that cuts the wood into various shapes and divides the slats into eight separate pencils.
The seams where the two slats are joined are sanded down and several coats of paint are applied to the pencil, giving it the appearance of a solid structure. More information on How Stuff Works

(2) Cant find anything about the size, maybe someone out there knows...