Saturday, October 25, 2008

Using Dial up, no Broadband Connection

Im sitting here using dial up at the moment, i changed internet companies and cant get the internet to work, so i went a bought a prepaid dial up card till i can get my broadband working again.

This is my 2nd day without Broadband and it sucks big time

Im using my laptop as well as my desktop no longer has a modem.

Im not having much fun as i cant get online to play WoW and its Hallow ends, i am missing out on getting trick and treats so i can get all the masks to get a name after my name, i also dont get the chance to do the daily to get the mount that you can only get in Scarlet Monestry while Hallows end is on.

I got the dial up as i wanted to fill this in and also i feel lost without the internet dial up is not great but it is better than nothing