Thursday, October 23, 2008

Different types of Men

There are many type of men around and i know people have preferences for different builds
I like men that look a little nerdy, and i like guys that have a little bit of weight on them, i like being able to cuddle into something, not hit bones.

I was seeing a guy years ago who was really skinny, he rarely ate when i was with him, but liked to watch me eat (very strange). I didn't stay with him very long as when i lent into his shoulder i would hit the collar bone which stuck out alot, not very comfortable and i used to use a cushion to lean on him which defeats the purpose i think.

I think the guy who plays Betty's boyfriend Henry Grubstick (Christopher Gorham) in Ugly Betty is really cute, there are many other men over the years who i have thought are cute, which I'm sure other women/men might not think they are

Its lucky that everyone in the world thinks differently i think.