Saturday, October 18, 2008

What i did today

I missed a day of my Blog, Ive been a bit busy and had some other things on my mind.

Today i got up earlier than usual, i had to be somewhere so only had 5 hours sleep last night. Where i had to go was to a thing called Speak Out, it is an activity that is held monthly at different places in my local area.

What speak out does is gets the local community together for a barbecue and fete, when getting a barbecue you had to get a ticket and write on the ticket what you think the area needs, this information is then collected by someone who works for the local council, from this information she collates it all and sees if the same things come up, then information is then handed to other council members to see if we can get some of these activities or suggestion working in the area.

The reason i was there is that i am asked to write about the day and also take pictures of the day, it is fun but it is also tiring.